Captivity’s Captive

Another day of teaching. More science and Scripture poured over their heads, more hoping that some of it actually made it into their precious hearts. We were talking cell division, mitosis and meiosis when I stopped to address my class on a cultural, ethical dilemma. I turned to face these 8th grade eyes and asked their opinion on the issue. To my distress they began to quote movies and famous musicians.

“Mrs. Jones, that reminds me of the movie …..”

“Hey, yea or that song….”

Of course this than became a small homework assignment that was met with the usual moans and groans.

“You are to write a short essay on the topic. Tell me what Scripture has to say about it.”

One particularly grade-driven image bearer cried out. “But Mrs. Jones! The Bible doesn’t talk about that issue!”

Oh no young one the Bible is never silent.

I recently sat in on a lecture in which the teacher posited the question for discussion; “When the Bible speaks out, the church should speak loudly, when the Bible is silent, the church is also to be silent.”

How foolish a statement! The Words of our God are never silenced!

Yet how often are his words silenced in my heart. How often am I captive to the cultures ideas of morality? How often do I claim the world’s standards as my own?

I have an Instagram. Yes, I admit it. Its original purpose for me was work related, however, I am sad to admit that it has become another time sucker for me. I am a person who longs for people and connection. Social media is my access point to people, and often my roadblock to the most important One.

Today as I was scrolling through, there was a trending hashtag for the day. #nobraday. Thousands of images of scantily clad women, the memes making fun of those women, those posting hate posts about those women. All in the name of breast cancer research. These women were beautiful, perfectly sculpted bodies and to be honest I was ready right then to join them in there declaration of femininity for a good cause of course.

How strong the pull of the world is in our hearts. How easily we can choose to let society dictate our ideologies and worldviews. In my quiet time with the Lord this morning I read Ephesians 4. I had never noticed how amazing verse 8 is until this morning. (Well actually afternoon, it was my day offJ) It says; “Wherefore he saith, when he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive…” Christ has taken the very concept of captivity captive. We cannot be captive to this world because Christ has imprisoned it.

My chains are gone

I’ve been set free

My God, my Savior has ransomed me

And like a flood His mercy reigns

Unending love, amazing grace 

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