5 Posts Every Future Foster Mama Must Read.

Fellow Christ adoring Mama, aren’t you glad to know there really is purpose in all this? All the discipline and diapers and laundry. That these things really are your reasonable service-your eucharisteo- allowing you to worship our Lord.

must read posts

When my husband and I first were married we moved across the country from all of our family and friends. We quickly realized we needed to figure out what we were doing and why. We needed a purpose statement. This purpose statement is really what led us to foster care.

I wrote this post during our foster care licensing process. It tells of our story and our purpose for becoming a foster family. I would encourage you, if you are considering becoming a foster family pull a chair around to the couch, hold your spouses hands, have lots of eye contact and write up a purpose statement for your marriage and family.


So about a million pieces of paper and stressful meetings later you will have passed your home study and are simply waiting on a child. If you are anything like us you have serious kiddo fever and want to buy all the things. (Seriously, Target we have a problem.) However, if you are like me and have next to no organizational skills than you need to read this post about must have items to have on hand.

Must have productsIt most likely won’t be long before you get a call for a little one to love. I am convinced almost immediately after saying yes to this crazy life God has called us to, Satan attacked. Strong and hard. See, Satan has tried to get to me for years. He destroyed my extended family, took my health completely away, took my mental health for a season and I still have not walked away from the faith by the grace of God. Now Satan had a weapon. My children. And boy does that work, am I right Mamas? The only way to withstand the blows from Satan are to cling to the promises of God.

Claiming Gods promises updateWe had our little one for 9 months when she left us. I literally have never felt a deeper grief. Future foster parents, read this post with the understanding that as horrible as this may seem. I would do it all over again to give that sweet baby girl her best life possible.

when foster children leaveFoster Mama. Read me loud and clear. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Foster care will drain your cup dry on a constant basis. It is not a cliche, it is not selfish or something to feel guilty about, you must take care of yourself. This post is perhaps the most important for future foster mamas to understand.

self care snip

Let me know what you think!

Next on the blog: A huge list of other blogs for foster parents to read!


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