God Moves in Mysterious Ways- Life Update

My friends who are closest to me know I have a problem.

exciting announcement

An idiom problem.

No, not an idiot problem (even though some days Lord knows I have that too!), but an idiom problem. They are so hard to keep straight and they don’t really seem to ever relate to conversations. Something about a beating a horse while you have a bird in your hand. Or something about .. But anyway I know there is an idiom saying the only thing you can count on in life is that you can’t count on life. I think God abides by this idiom sometimes. In my experience, God can always be counted on to do something totally out of my box and unexpected. If you would have told this med school driven, anti-marriage, anti-stay-at-home-mom, anti-homeschool college freshman that I would not only be married the summer I graduated, but also would be a teacher and a foster mom – I would have thought you were crazy! And most days I believe I am pretty crazy! But there is nothing I would rather be doing. I love my life- hard as it is- and I know it’s because the great God I serve blesses obedience, not convenience.

Last school year was my second year as a teacher and it. was. Hard. My first year was a breeze compared to my second year. I tell you the truth; I love teaching. I am passionate about teaching. Yes, the periodic table and cellular respiration actually excite me, but I almost quit. Not just once in a moment of weakness, but many times. I sat with the Lord and begged him to make it clear if he was trying to lead me into something else. As hard as it was, the Lord has made it clear that I am to stay in education. I knew I needed tools. I needed help! After signing up for every simulcast and teaching newsletter/blog I could find, I started to entertain the idea of getting my Masters Degree in Education. I applied for a scholarship and not even twenty-four hours later the Lord provided a half ride scholarship to get my degree! After much prayer and discussion, the Lord has led us down this open road and I am going back to school! (Back to school shopping with me anyone?!) I am so excited for this opportunity and covet your prayers as life as a wife, teacher, foster mom, and student might be a little crazy!

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