How to Follow the Still Small Voice

God has called me to write I have no doubt about that in my heart. Writing is where I have my most treasured fellowship with God. But I am proud. To start a blog, to reveal my thoughts strung together from my times of greatest intimacy with my Lord is a vulnerable and very uncomfortable thing to do.

Do you love books? I love books, all kinds of books. Holding them, smelling them, feeling the pages against my eager hands brings me such joy.  I remember as an elementary aged child sitting at church in my jean skirt and homemade Noah’s ark vest reading books like C.S Lewis biographies and exploring commentaries with old bindings and deliciously big words. I even like trite book-ish sayings like when people describe a particularly beautifully crafted sentence as “jumping out at them.” When I was a child I would picture a horrifying pop-up book where every time you read something important a monster-like character would jump out and grab you. I have never really experienced the jumping of text, literal or figurative, that is before today.

There is a certain blog that is to me like a sanctuary. It has lovely music and a writing style that feeds my weary soul. Today I was reading, engrossed in a story when suddenly a simple sentence reached straight into my innermost being. The part where fears are stashed on shelves, a deep underground cellar where scary dreams are neatly packaged in sealed jars hidden from the light of day. The writer made this statement:

“I promised God if He would give me the words, I would give him my voice.”

I had been battling, struggling, suppressing. My heart cried out to meet the still small voice who had been gently calling. “I think God wants me to write! God, are you sure?”

I knew the answer. God was calling me to write. Later that day I reluctantly told my husband expecting him to tell me to wait or to pray some more to be sure. Perhaps that’s just what I wanted him to say. Instead he held my hands in his. They fit perfectly in his. His blue calm eyes communicating the same message I had heard from my Lord. The gracious sheep wool wet with dew. I prayed a simple prayer that day.

“Lord, I surrender to you. I surrender the pride, the fear, the doubts. I will write as long as you give me the words.”

Dear heart, this is my story, what is yours? Is God calling you to write? I tell my toddler often “When Mommy tells you to do something, you do it.”

Is God calling you to do something? I have been called to teach a subject that is very difficult for me that I have never taught before, My husband and I have been called to be foster parents. We are often called to difficult things that leave us calling to God “OK, I am willing but where do I start?!” Here are some of the steps I have found helpful when I feel God’s still small voice calling me to action.

1. Pray 

I know this one seems so obvious but if you are anything like me you have probably found yourself called to something and jumped in with both feet before you have a solid footing to stand on. Pray. Ask others to pray. It is your best and most powerful tool.

2. Seek Support 

For any of the endeavors we have pursued having a group of people around us who supported our goals and determination to follow God’s leading has proved to be essential to our success in those areas. (Don’t have a support group? Feel free to follow this blog to receive encouragement to follow God’s will for your life no matter what!)

3. Take a step

The task may seem overwhelming but taking a single step toward obedience is the single most important step you can make. For me, God’s call to write began with simply purchasing a pretty notebook and colorful pens. That might seem silly but it was a step!

 Here are some of the tools I started with.

How can I pray for you friend? What is God calling you to do? Leave a comment and I will do my best to pray for you in your endeavor to follow the will of God no matter what.

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