A few weeks ago my closest friend from college and two of her brothers spent the night with us on their way to the Grand Canyon. The next morning they were to begin an 8 day backpacking trip in that deep crevice of the earth. (She is a far more adventurous woman than I J) It is still amazing to this Midwest girl that we live so close to this wonder of creation.

They got in late on a Friday night long after the exhaustion from the week had caught up to us. We had a wonderful time of punchy, bleary eyed fellowship that felt as if it were merely 8 days rather than 8 months that had separated us. I was weary but beside myself with joy to have our tiny home busting at the seams again.

Last Sunday one of our Pastors quoted a familiar verse as he was closing the service. Normally and unfortunately in this point in the service I am reaching for my trusty-significantly-too-large-to-be-considered-a-purse bag to put my various worship things away. This time however the way he quoted the verse caught my attention.

“Let the word of Christ take up residence in your heart…”

I have heard this passage many times but never this way.

Take up residence- enoikeo

This is an up close and personal kind of impact. A daily living in it the same way that we live in our favorite slippers or deal with our same stacks of dirty dishes.

Taking up residence isn’t just breezing through, crashing for the night, then packing up and sending it off in the morning. Let it settle in. Let it dump its bags, throw the pillows around, have deep conversation around coffee, spill the candle wax all over the walls and spread its contents all over your soul so that when it leaves your home-heart it doesn’t look quite the same.


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