“Wow…there are so many people”

“Wow….there are so many people.”

This was basically my first thought after landing in NYC for the first time. I am from a small town in Michigan and go to school in an even smaller town in Wisconsin. I knew coming here that this was a huge city, but I really had no idea. Walking with my friends through Times Square and looking at all the people blew my mind. I couldn’t even take in the buildings or lights or stores because there were so many faces. I must have looked exactly like the dazed tourist I was, but the more I looked the more amazed I became. God created all this, all these people and each one is totally unique. Each face designed by his fingers, each personality crafted, each experience and plan for their lives created before the beginning of time. Each one unique, yet stamped with his image on their hearts. But that’s not all. He loves every single one of them. He loves each tattooed, purple haired, nose-ringed image bearer so much that he sent his son to die for them. Wow…and he loves me.

 As we walked around not only was my mind blown but my heart ached. So many people living here in this city, not in the deep dark jungle in Africa in this city there are millions of lost souls all around me.

I’ve been in the city for a few weeks now and sometimes I’m afraid to admit that I get frustrated by how many people are here and “in my space.” Especially after work when I am hot and tired, and I’m squished up against the wall of the subway behind some other hot, tired, and stinky person. The Spirit usually is quick to convict me of my selfishness. It usually doesn’t take long after that for my not only selfish but faithless heart to begin to wonder why I am here. How can one person, or even one church and a couple of interns do anything in such a huge city? Sure we witness and sing on the streets but are our voices even making it past 31st street? Again the Lord gently convicts my heart saying, Yes Heather, you are small and insignificant, but I am a big God.


You’re the Word of God the Father,

From before the world began;

Every star and every planet

Has been fashioned by Your hand.

All creation holds together

By the power of Your voice:

Let the skies declare Your glory,

Let the land and seas rejoice!


You’re the Author of creation,

You’re the Lord of every man;

And Your cry of love rings out

Across the lands.


Yet You left the gaze of angels,

Came to seek and save the lost,

And exchanged the joy of heaven

For the anguish of a cross.

With a prayer You fed the hungry,

With a word You stilled the sea.

Yet how silently You suffered

That the guilty may go free.


With a shout You rose victorious,

Wresting victory from the grave,

And ascended into heaven

Leading captives in Your wake.

Now You stand before the Father

Interceding for Your own.

From each tribe and tongue and nation

You are leading sinners home.



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