To Live or Die

New Hymn: “To Live or Die” (in Albanian)

I can’t remember enjoying a recording more than I have this one.

Greg Habegger and I have been commissioned to write a hymn based on Philippians 1:21 for the upcoming Student Global Impact Conference in Detroit, Michigan. As we were finishing it up this week, I shared it with a few friends to ask for some final suggestions. I was surprised—and thrilled!—to wake up this morning to hear a recording of an Albanian brother singing the song in his own tongue. Thanks to my dear friend David Hosaflook for the translation, and to Aranit Kola for sharing his lovely voice with us. Beautiful. Passionate. A foretaste of Revelation 7:9-10!

You can hear the recording here. You can register for the SGI conference here. You can read the English text below. Grace!


To Live or Die

To live is Christ—I long to spend
My might and time to worship Him.
I’ll give my all for Him who died
To bring a rebel to His side.

Refrain: Lord, help me use my fleeting breath
To honor You, through life or death.
And when my heart drums its last beat,
I’ll lay my labors at Your feet.

To die is Christ—eternal gain,
To wake, and never sleep again.
I will not fear the feeble grave,
The pathway to my Savior’s face.

To live or die—it’s all the same;
For Christ consumes me, either way.
If I should live, I’ll live for Him,
And if I die, I’ll live again.

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