Bucket List

  1. Go stargazing somewhere wonderful with someone wonderful:) 
  2. Play my fiddle on an epic roof somewhere.
  3. Sky diving!
  4. Learn how to play chess.
  5. Go to Disney.
  6. Tattoo
  7. Learn guitar
  8. Hot air balloon
  9. Bring God glory with our relationship
  10. Learn how to bake so it’s not dark brown on the bottom
  11. Find the best cup of coffee in the whole wide world
  12. Reupholster a chair
  13. Go to south east Africa
  14. Spin really fast around a revolving door
  15. Cambridge Singers concert
  16. Find a fossil
  17. Marry my best friend
  18. Pro NBA game
  19. Parasailing
  20. Cook a meal from scratch that is actually yummy!
  21. Run a marathon/color run
  22. Learn how to wake board
  23. Kiss under fireworks
  24. Go to grad school
  25. Adopt a child
  26. See Wicked on Broadway
  27. Stop Abortion
  28. Sing in chapel
  29. Summer in NYC
  30. Ride in a sailboat
  31. Kiss on the beach at sunset
  32. Take pics with Ty in a photobooth
  33. See the Grand Canyon
  34. Road trip
  35. Learn how to surf  


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